Altruism and solidarity are moral values ​​socially constituted seen as a virtue of the individual. In a social and political perspective, it is assumed that the practice of these values ​​will ensure the maintenance of social order and man’s progress. The charity, strengthened by the ideal, beliefs, value systems and the commitment to certain causes are vital components of the engagement.

In order to form citizens concerned about the society they live in, we encourage our students and their families to participate and reflect on values ​​and social diversities so that they are agents of transformation for the benefit of the community.

By meeting both the needs of others as our own personal motives, we participated in annual campaigns, such as: Winter Campaign, donation of eyeglass frames, Easter eggs collection, gifts collection for Children’s Day, among others.

One should not forget, however, the transformative potential that these attitudes represent for the inner growth of the individual.