Pedagogical Proposal

Brazilian International School prepares children and adolescents to face with determination, and especially with the proper means, the challenges of a new world: the world of today and the world of tomorrow.

BIS has specialized in Early Childhood Education, Elementary and Middle School – critical period in which the personality is formed and the fundamental skills of the individual are being developed.

In particular, bilingualism became minimally necessary for professional success in the globalization process in which the current Brazilian society operates.

BIS is certain that only by knowledge, culture, an improved education, and a solid ethical and moral preparation, students will be able to achieve full citizenship and aspire the achievement of high social and professional positions. We value the knowledge of the vernacular from the very beginning; the knowledge of the Portuguese language, the History, the Geography of our country and all the manifestations of the Brazilian culture.

BIS program is structured to broaden the intellectual horizons of their students. Our vision and our commitment are the command of one or more foreign languages and the development of the students in a multicultural environment without the Brazilian culture loss of character.

Specific goals of elementary school

Brazilian International School has the following specific objectives:

  • Provide conditions so that the student has a broad basic training in cognitive fields, socio-affective and psychomotor, favoring a full development of the potential as an active person in the social context;
  • Develop individual and creative skills of the student, and guide him/her to a critical attitude towards the world;
  • Favor the work in groups so that the student respects the work of others and enhances his/her social experience;
  • Know, value, and respect the artistic and cultural heritage.