About Us

BIS is a school where all the students of the bilingual curriculum become fluent in both English and Portuguese. New students coming from foreign countries learn Portuguese. Similarly, Brazilian students and from countries where English is not spoken will be introduced to the program in order to acquire complete fluency in that language.

BIS is a Brazilian school that offers the very best of our curriculum. Brazilian culture elements are particularly important and are an active part of the curriculum, among other required subjects. Moreover, it also gives the child the opportunity to be in constant contact with other contents offered in English, so the knowledge and fluency can be expanded in that language.

At the end of the Middle School, we guarantee the acquisition of the concepts covered in the subjects of the two languages, in the bilingual curriculum, so the students become effectively bilingual, and fully able to follow the High School at the best Brazilian and international schools.

BIS knows the importance of the foreign language learning in the globalized world, and what it may represent in expanding the cultural horizon of the human being. It is a school that cares about your child from kindergarten through Middle School, fully taking responsibility for the child’s overall education.

BIS has the primary objective to provide the student an avant-garde education, with the goal of fully training, developing the ability, potential, and skills in order to have a responsible and active international citizen.
The pedagogical work is highly qualified, always working to inform and educate.

BIS maintains the courses: