Mission and Values


Our mission is to train students who are involved, critical, creative, aware of their rights, able to develop responsibility, respect, and duty. We aim to build an affective framework of trust and confidence, preparing them intellectually and providing the necessary tools to expand the vision of the world around them.


Being a school recognized for the quality of education by encouraging personal development and to prepare students to meet the challenges of the globalized world.


We believe that education should enhance the student’s desire to learn, considering that learning only happens if it is meaningful.


  1. RESPECT: is the foundation for all our relationships. We believe that relationships based on respect build trust and contribute to the maintenance of the integrity of each individual.
  2. EDUCATION AND KNOWLEDGE: we value training activities that can help the process of intellectual and moral development of our students, employees, and everyone who relates to us.
  3. INTEGRITY: we encourage honest attitudes, which are able to show the character of the people. We seek the truth in our relations, because we believe that it is the basis for a healthy and constructive environment.
  4. COLLECTIVE COMMITMENT: promote joint actions in all aspects of our business in order to enhance the teamwork. We value the legitimate demonstrations of belonging to our school by our community.
  5. FOCUS ON RESULTS: we are aware that the achievements of a school are due to the commitment that each one, in different roles, makes to us. So, we share our challenges and we recognize the commitment of all.